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Calvary Preschool is...

Calvary Christian Assembly Church has been a pillar of the Roosevelt community in North Seattle of almost 100 years.  During that time we have hosted a variety of different children's programs and we are pleased to now offer to our community a fun and affordable half day preschool program.  Operating in our amazing church campus on  Monday's, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-12.  

During this time our goal is to offer the kids a fun and safe environment for them to use play as a way to work on large motor skills and small motor skills.  Helping them learn how to transition smoothly from one activity to another.  We also plan on working with the kids on social skills, how to play well with others, walk in a line and interact with other children and adults.  

We use an in house curriculum that utilizes our staffs extensive knowledge and experience.  We have created a totally customizable curriculum that we can use as a platform to meet the needs of each individual child and class.  Using games and play as a form to encourage letter recognition skills as well as working on counting, shapes and colors.  

Once a month the kids will have an opportunity to participate in our "Chapel."  During this time our preschool director and Children's Pastor Hally Thorp will be presenting a fun and interactive time of worship with the kids and a bible story presentation.  

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